for home users or caravan owners

Clear Picture uses a combination of technologies to deliver internet to your home or your caravan/lodge, typically for areas where no fast internet or you simply don’t want a phone line. We can setup your home wireless internet with speeds up to 30Mbps with our reliable internet connectivity. We accomplish this by installing a small unit on the premises or caravan and a router inside the property. 

If you don’t have to have a phone line, but require one, we can bolt on a VOIP package with our internet packages. VOIP is a telephone line over the internet.

What Do You get with our caravan or Home Internet?

Our home wireless packages start from £22.99/month. Our infrastructure means we can deliver high speed reliable solutions to both urban and rural locations, installed and supported by our own highly skilled engineers.

Unlimited downloads

No phone line required

Installation within 7-14 days

What’s Included


Our highly trained professional engineers will install a small antennae on the outside of your premises and run a cable into the premises with a router.
* Installation Fee Applies

Price Guarantee

The price you signed up with is the price you will continue to pay for the period you are with Clear Picture

Not Data Limits

We do not set any limits or give you silly bills that you don’t understand.


Wireless internet

Our two popular packages are the 15/2Mbps or the 24/10Mbps. We do however have other packages in other areas or parks.



Our routers do not limit connections, however it is advised to take our bigger package if you planning on running many devices at the same time.


Up to 30mbps

We can supply fast internet to our customers

Data Limit


No hidden bills, totally unlimited



Contact us for us to check

We cover a lot of Kent and the Isle of Sheppey, contact us to check if we cover your area.

Additional Info

Our coverage continues to grow everyday!


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