IPTV - Digital Signage - Noticeboard Solutions

Clear Picture are the first innovative digital company to offer a dedicated designed IPTV system streamed over a licensed WIFI system covering over 15 square Miles .

With an administration area, information is instantly updated throughout each television. You can post to multiple blocks throughout the area, or simply to a dedicated screen anywhere in the area.

The system streams content to the noticeboard in the lobby, however the system is readily available on an analogue channel throughout the block in each of the tenants' home.  Administration Area
 LED Securely Mounted  

So whatever it is, be it an update that the water is being turned off, or news about the local area - the content being served is available to all. And a system that is built in ADOBE FLASH, the system is robust and can pull down new content as soon as it is added.

Should you need to rebrand the noticeboard with your logo and your own content? Contact us today.  


The perfect application for local authorities or property maintenance companies to share information instantly and efficiently to tenants. You will also be amazed on our pricing as we design systems with minimal outlay and options to run advertising campaigns to cover the installation cost and become a revenue stream.

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