Let us explain in simple terms.


Freeview is the simple way to enjoy 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations through an aerial and it’s probably already built-in to your TV. You can also record your favourite shows with a Freeview plus recorder or watch up to 10 HD channels with Freeview HD. Find out which is product is right for you below.

Get more from Freeview+

Now everyone can have the telly the want to watch with a Freeview plus digital TV recorder:

  • Record a whole series to create your own box set
  • Pause live TV so that you can pop out and make that cuppa
  • Rewind those ‘I can’t believe he just said that’ moments
  • Favourite programmes on at the same time? Record one series whilst watching another with Freeview+*

* Digital TV recorders with a twin tuner. Recorders with a single tuner need to be used with a digital TV for this function.

Subscription free. Forever!
Once you’ve bought your Freeview+ box, it’s yours for ever. No subscriptions, no fees, no annual contracts to haggle over.


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